The Studio Callocchia deals with projects ranging from the design of products for industrial systems, to graphics, to temporary exhibit installations to architectural design of interior environments for private, commercial and public sectors.

In detail:

  • Interior Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Design focused on sustainability and energy efficiency (Eco Design)
  • Design of interior decorations and graphic surfaces (Graphic Design)
  • Design of custom-made furniture
    (Product Design)
  • Design of museum exhibits and trade fairs, retail outlets and events (Exhibit Design)
  • Design of multi-sensory and interactive installations with the use of digital technologies and multimedia
  • Restyling  design for the requalification of private, commercial and institutional spaces
  • Consulting for the restoration of antiques, works of art and antique furnishings
  • Expert advice on the choice of furniture, objects and furnishings
  • Surveys and photographic documentation
  • Drawings ante and post-works
  • 3D modeling and rendering


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