The Studio Callocchia is responsible for architectural design and construction management for private and public buildings, reception centers, religious buildings, accommodation and school complexes, and specializes in restructuring, recovery and restoration of monumental complexes.  The Studio has many years of experience in security and law fire and eco-sustainable design.





In the field of new design architecture the Studio Callocchia offers the following professional services:

  • Preliminary design, execution and detailed
  • Graphic and photographic surveys with return to CAD
  • Building and decorative details
  • 3D modeling and rendering
  • Construction Supervision
  • Summaries and detailed estimates of costs
  • Specifications and Contracts
  • Design and certification
  • Energy savings, reduce consumption, sustainability
  • Export advice on Building and Fire Safety

In the field of renovation, recycling and restoration the Study Callocchia offers the following professional services:

  •  Design of architectural restoration
  • Renovation and recycling of real estate and historic buildings
  • Surveys and photographic documentation
  • Graphic printouts of CAD pre-and post-works
  • Visura historical cadastral
  • Change in cadastral
  • Expert sworn and technical investigation
  • Expert appraisals and property valuations
  • Report of static suitability and explanatory study
  • Feasibility studies building
  • Completion of building practices and technical assistance at all competent authorities
  • Supervision of works
  • Analysis of fire risks and emergency plan
  • Design Fire Safety
  • Energy certifications
  • Design of Solar and  Photovoltaic System
  • Conservation and restoration of artworks and furnitures

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